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Clarentis Technologies manufactures and distributes the most effective green sanitizing and disinfection solutions. Our core product, Clarentis Anolyte, or Ultra-Lyte®, is an EPA registered, all-natural, non-toxic and medical/hospital grade disinfectant.  Clarentis' solutions are cost-effective replacements for commonly used toxic sanitizing and disinfecting solutions. Clarentis Technologies has developed a completely new generation of Electrochemical Activation (ECA) devices.

The fully automated devices activate a dilute brine solution generating two non-toxic solutions: the first, a cleaner "Zerolyte” generally called catholyte, has an elevated pH and decreased surface tension, enabling it to penetrate and break apart even ingrained soils; the second, a sanitizer or disinfectant known as "anolyte, Clarentis anolyte, or Ultra-Lyte® is a powerful broad-spectrum anti-microbial, up to 100 times more effective than bleach,  with a neutral pH capable of destroying  most known pathogens.

The Clarentis equipment has patent protection for its electrolytic cell and both method and apparatus to manufacture electrolyzed water. Ultra-Lyte® achieves USDA, FDA and CFR guidelines as prescribed by their respective governing authorities.

The scientists at the USDA have purchased and installed a Clarentis Technologies Mini-Lyte 50, in an Alternative Food Processing Technologies research project.  The goal of the project is to enhance food safety. Clarentis Technologies has assembled a multinational team with many years of experience in the electrochemical activation industry to market its proprietary technology and to work with scientists, research & development experts, and engineers around the world to develop new applications for use in agriculture, animal health, animal husbandry, borehole remediation, food & beverage, food processing, healthcare, hospitality, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and water treatment.

Clarentis Technologies invites your participation in addressing the world’s issues and concerns.  We encourage you to contact us as we work to promote clean practices that will transform our world into a more sustainable and healthier environment.