Laboratory Animal Health:

Ultra-Lyte® is highly efficacious in eliminating bacteria and pathogens that plague contaminant free zones that require stringent protocols to conduct initial trial testing. Psuedomonas aureginosa is one of a few known pathogens that are pervasive and hard to eradicate in these sensitive environments, particularly in water systems. Ultra-Lyte® can be broadcasted throughout the study setting(s) as well as provide bacteria-free water to the subjects.

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Animal Health/Veterinary

Clarentis Technologies markets a disruptive technology through our Ultra-Lyte® System. This is a proven "farm to plate" offensive on active and dormant microbes.

Ultra-Lyte® is U.S. EPA registered (86854-1), medical-hospital-grade, all natural and is a non-toxic-corrosive-irritant used for:

  • Food Chain – protects and strengthens sustainability and through disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning protocols, reduces the reliance on  vaccinations/protective immunology
  • Dermatological Applications - potential to further develop a class of products for the tissue and wound care markets
  • Food Processing - replaces toxic and devolving chemicals used in the transportation, slaughtering, processing and the packaging of food

Ultra-Lyte® is a new generation of electrically charged molecules designed to significantly
 reduce the need for antibiotics as it reduces infections.