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Oil & Gas

EcoLyte® offers a unique clean technology and addresses key green initiatives for companies extracting hydrocarbons from ecosystems around the globe: corporate environmental mandates, public safety concerns and local/federal governmental legislation, restrictions and transparency.

EcoLyte® eliminates key root causes of bio-fouling in well systems, the potential of water table incursion by toxic materials and H2S released into the air during hydraulic fracturing or general fossil fuel abstraction through wells.

Clarentis Technologies markets a proven disruptive technology that produces a continuous, precisely titrated, efficacious biocide for disinfecting and cleaning. The primary product is EcoLyte®, an EPA registered, non-toxic, non-corrosive solution that is natural to the environment and all inhabitants.

EcoLyte® has proven to be the alternative to current toxic chemical practices commonly used in the exploration and production (E&P) phases of the oil and gas industry for: hydraulic fracturing, sour wells, routine well maintenance, injection waters, transmission lines and as a scale and corrosion inhibitor:
  • Reverses the introduction of bacteria into the well and eradicates, even in the deepest parts of a well, the H2S properties that effect well production and longevity 
  • Treats ponds used for fracing and eliminates the anaerobic bacteria prior to introducing fluids into the well system  
  • Neutralized footprint once fracturing is completed, key toxic elements are eliminated and never introduced subterranean or above ground 
  • Reduces corrosion and inhibits pitting in the rods and tubes, removing the enormous annual CAPEX associated with current practices. Greater yield of sweet crude and well life is increased
  • Works with all other essential ingredients, in the fracing mixture which are integral in effectively generating maximum yield from wells, including gels used for viscosity
Our “waste product” catholyte or Zero-Lyte™ is an excellent product for well stimulation because of its low surface tension. It can also be used to wash off equipment on oil platforms that have been exposed to salt water for long periods of time.